Team ClarkForward's vision for Clark County Government

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Team ClarkForward absolutely understands and supports that it will be the responsibility of the 15 Freeholders to decide what they believe is the best form of county government to serve the long term interests of Clark County residents.
Team ClarkForward is putting forth a vision for a more representative and more responsive form of Clark County government, that costs less than our current structure, as a starting point of reference to begin the conversation in our community regarding what structure of county government will best serve the long term interests of Clark County residents.

Separation of Powers:

  • Five partisan elected County Councilors with only legislative/policy making authority
  • One partisan elected County Executive with only administrative/executive authority

Checks and Balances:

  • County Executive proposes budget - Council passes budget
  • Council approves legislation – County Executive approves or vetoes legislation – Council can override veto.
  • County Executive nominates Department Heads – Council approves or rejects nominees.
  • County Council has subpoena powers to require county elected/staff to testify, provide evidence.

Costs less than current structure:

Salaries and benefits of the five County Councilors and County Executive are set forth in the charter to ensure they are less than the salaries and benefits of the current three County Commissioners and appointed County Administrator.

CountyCouncilors nominated and elected from each of five districts (district boundaries determined by a bi-partisan Districting Committee)

Initiative and Referendum at the county level

The offices ofAssessor, Auditor, Clerk, Sheriff, Treasurer shall be non-partisanelectedoffices.

Three methods to amend CountyCharter– CharterReview Commission, County Council, Citizens – these groups place proposals on the ballot and voters decide.